University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Liz Ambros


Navy, Corpsman 8404
Iraq 2008-2009

"Walking onto the Illinois campus for the first time was like something out of a movie. Students were lounging under trees on the quad, as others would throw around a Frisbee while they waited for their next classes to start. I knew immediately that I would get the college experience I had always wanted. I chose Illinois primarily because it had a reputation of being a great university and I believed that getting my degree from Illinois would benefit me when applying to the Medical College as one of their own alumni. College of Medicine at Illinois is my number one choice school because not only do they have an excellent medical program, but I will also be able to use my Illinois Veteran Grant to help pay for it. Luckily, I met other student veterans pursuing similar dreams and developed friendships with them, bridging the gap between the camaraderie that I was familiar with in my past and the civilian networking skills I would use in the future."